Champagne - Lasseaux - Rosé de Saignée NV

Champagne - Lasseaux - Rosé de Saignée NV

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This a very small winery of only 4 hectares based in la vallée de la Marne, in a small town called La Neuville aux Larris.

They are part of the new wave champagne producers fully invested in authenticity and environmental sustainability.  Vincent and Baptiste took over their family winery few years ago and worked very hard to modernise it. Most of the grapes were sold to prestigious large champagne house, but they decided to establish their own champagne name and keep their grapes for their own champagne. Baptiste, the winemaker, understood very quickly that it was not necessary to use so much chemical fertilisation,  pesticide and no herbicides. They, now, have the HVE certification (Haute valeur Environmental).

As a result, they manage to produce a champagne of terroir and enhance the quality of the fruits to make a champagne of exception. This Rosé  is using the traditional Saignée method, which is the more rare and complex way of making rosé champagne. This involves using the skins of the red grapes to give colour. This gives a wonderful dark red, almost purple, colour that impresses any connoisseur. There is also a very subtle smokey and peppery profile that, combined with notes of ripe strawberry and red currant, creates a unique Rosé experience.

This champagne is made of 100% Pinot Meunier, it is a less famous grape used in the champagne appellation. The champagne they produce is full of character and flavour, flawlessly expressing the softness and roundness .

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