Vignoble du Reveur - Singulier - Alsace (Orange Wine)

Vignoble du Reveur - Singulier - Alsace (Orange Wine)

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Orange wine made by Mathieu Deiss and Emanuelle Milan. The wine is certified biodynamic with Demeter and there is no added sulfites. 

It is a bone dry tannic wine, there is flavours of peach, apricot and white flowers, which is unusual in Alsace.  The acidity is softened, without aggressiveness, making for a well-balanced ensemble.

To be technical : Carbonic maceration of Riesling and Pinot grapes for 10 days. Next, alcoholic fermentation in large oak barrels, without any sugar additions, acidification, or commercial yeast. The wine ages for one year on fine lees before being bottled .

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