Domaine de Courbissac - l'Orange - Languedoc

Domaine de Courbissac - l'Orange - Languedoc

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L'Orange is a skin contact blend from 90-year-old vines co-planted in the limestone soils of the Roc du Suzadou vineyard. The grapes are a mix of Terret Gris, Carignan Blanc, Macabeu, Marsanne, Muscat Blanc and Grenache Gris, and other rare indigenous varieties.

The terroirs here are up to 300 metres above sea level, and the proximity to Montagne Noire gives it a nearly Mediterranean climate. Despite the growing period taking place during long, dry summers, winter brings in a large amount of rain to keep the soil well-nourished throughout the warmer months. The summer heat is moderated by the cooling effect of air flowing down from the mountains, allowing the grapes to mature at their ideal rate.

Unlike much wine from Minervois, this terroir of clay and limestone leads to a fresh and fruity wine – unlike others that grow in schist-rich soils instead.

These are lithe, pure-fruited southern wines, whose depth and layered personalities do not sacrifice perfume and mineral freshness. Here is the kind of Languedoc that keeps you interested until the very last drop and makes you think seriously about ordering a second bottle. Finesse and freshness, intensity without heaviness...

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