Wine and cheese is probably the best thing in the world

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The most popular dish in a wine bar is certainly a cheese board and I am sure most of you will agree with me. 

Here is some basic tips about cheese and wine tasting :

There is a lot of cheese, in France only, there are more than 300 types of cheese, therefore there are plenty of ways to pair it with wine

Don't be afraid to match white wine with cheese, for instance a young goat cheese from Loire valley will go ideally with a Sauvignon blanc from Touraine. There is a reason why they come from the same region.

The lighter the cheese, the more delicate the wine should be too. Most people love to match a camembert with Bordeaux. However, you sadly loose all the flavours from the cheese, therefore try a lighter red or a rich white wine like a Macon Azé from Francois de Nicolay.

With blue cheese, you can open a rich bottle of red wine with tannins, such as priorat, Mas Sinen or even a dessert wine!

Whenever you visit a restaurant or a wine bar (Hopefully Soon .. ), you very often get served a selection of cheese, therefore, you will not be able to find a wine which will go perfectly with all your cheese. But don't worry, you can always choose a wine which will be easy to pair. For instance a Morgon from the region of Beaujolais will go perfectly

Lastly, don't forget that the most important rule is to do the way you like it. In the end having cheese and wine, it is about having fun and enjoyment. Therefore match it the way you like it and have fun. 

I am very happy that a friend of mine decided to open his own business, specialising in artisan cheese from France and would like to recommend him to all you : 

I worked with Geoffrey Nivard in my past, he was working for a  high quality cheese monger specialising in distributing to bars and restaurants, he always showed care for cheese and delivered great customer service.

Now that he has his own business, he carry on in working with artisan products with a sense of origin,  cheeses made by people who cares a lot; Cheese which just taste really good!

So if you feel like having some cheese with your wine, I would recommend to check his page out.

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